Weekend Plans.

Unless you were dying to see pictures of my cubicle at work, there was nothing this week that was particularly blog-worthy. And thankfully, we don't have many plans this weekend - cleaning the house, mowing the yard, and continuing my secret sewing project.

We're having some dear friends over for dinner on Saturday. And in addition to being wonderful friends, they just also happen to be our realtors. So...we'll be discussing this, and our offer that we're going to make on it on Monday. (squeal!) (p.s. sorry for the small pictures, but I took these from the realty site...apparently they don't believe in offering quality images)

{front door}

{the kitchen! Seriously, people. I need to post a picture of our current kitchen, and you'll understand why I'm completely in love with this one. The space! It's huge!}

Can you imagine what I could do in this kitchen? I mean, we cook a lot now, and we do it in an area that is less than 5' x 5'. No joke. Our washer and dryer are in our kitchen, so you can imagine how cramped it is.


Stephanie Sabbe said…
haha, we've discussed my kitchen. and you've seen pics. I call it my cockpit. good luck!

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