The best way to spend Sunday afternoon... taking our pups to the nearby baseball fields. They're usually empty on the weekends, so we let our kids off the leash and let them run free. As you can see in the pictures, my husband's dog (well, really OUR dog, but his before we met) is trained really well, and will play fetch indefinitely. But my dog Zoe...well, she tends to get a bit distracted...

ready, set, go!
{really, he could do this all day...Cicero the dog, that is.}

{isn't Cicero a good dog?}

zoe taking a break
{my dog Zoe, taking a break...just like her momma}

zoe not paying attention
{this is the best picture from the afternoon...Cicero is off to the left, fetching a ball...Zoe got distracted and decided to run to the right...i love how her little back legs are up in the air...she looks so happy...and in her own world}

{hot and tired after a great afternoon at the ballpark}


how nice there's a big empty space you can take your dogs. our park has off leash hours but it's huge and i think my adventurous puppy would run away!
Cyd said…
Oh I love to see happy puppies!

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