Cooking all weekend.

Boy oh boy, some weekends I just get in the mood to cook. This weekend was that weekend. Of course, I took no pictures of all of the loveliness that came out of our kitchen, but here is a list of links to what we made...

Shrimp and cactus soft tacos (yes, cactus!), with recipes sort of adapted from here and here (this is a great recipe that not only tells you how to prepare cactus, but also includes a recipe for cilantro oil...and yes, I plan on making that soon).

We topped these amazing tacos with this fresh corn and avocado salsa, from the Pioneer Woman.

On Saturday, I got up and made blackberry yogurt muffins, recipe adapted from here. I, of course, had to use blackberries instead of strawberries. We've got tons of blackberries in the freezer from our blackberry picking adventure.

Saturday night we went out to eat with friends, so no recipe there. Um, and Sunday we went out for brunch. Ok, so we didn't cook the whole weekend. But on Sunday, my husband made grouper (he is wonderful!) with caesar salad, and we topped the grouper with the aforementioned leftover corn salsa. No recipe to share for the grouper, he just sort of made it up - but you'd never know it. It was absolutely heavenly.

Did anyone else just have a crazy cooking spree, or was it just us?


you're not alone, i went on a bit of a spree too because i was excited that i could use my now-unpacked and organized kitchen! i made caponata, lobster, and apple pancakes! not all for the same meal obviously :-)
very married said…
on saturday night we cooked dinner for friends at our apartment. we made chili/apple glazed pork chops. DELICIOUS.

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