Our itty bitty kitchen.

Ok, I just had to post pictures of our incredibly small kitchen. And I mean small. Two people cannot work in this kitchen without bumping into each other. Trust me, we know. It's very frustrating.

{ignore the messiness...this is before we moved in...}

itty bitty
{yep, there's our washer and dryer. Smack dab in the middle of our kitchen. Can you say inconvenient?}

Just to give you an idea, I was standing with my back to the other wall in order to get these shots. So there is no room on the other side of the kitchen, either.

And while I complain a lot about this space (and more so now that we are looking at buying another house and I get to see better - and much bigger! - kitchens), we somehow make it work. It makes me think of this post by Smitten Kitchen, where she details ways on how to max out your tiny kitchen. I read through it, and we do every single thing that she suggests. I have to advocate for her point about not keeping anything on your countertops. My mother came to visit and was shocked that we didn't have our toaster, or our coffee maker, or any other appliance out on the countertop. Of course, her kitchen is huge, so she has the luxury of being able to do that. We don't, so we make sure to keep the countertops free of any space-hogging items. The only thing we keep out is our knife block, since we use that daily.

Anyone else have an itty bitty kitchen? Or have other useful tips about how to make one work?


um yes i used to have an itty bitty kitchen with possibly less counter space than you! i think i measured it as 6x10 ft wall to wall (so floor space was even smaller). you can see it in this post: http://colormegreenanew.blogspot.com/2009/07/sneak-peak.html. our ikea shelves for storing/drying racks for pots and dishes were lifesaver, and we kept our larger appliances like microwave and toaster out in the living room nearby. now i have a huge kitchen space with even less built in counterspace, so everything is more spread out and i kinda miss my old kitchen, which was much more efficient to work in.

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