Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hairpiece Ideas?

As of today, we've got 20 days to go. O M G. No, really, I'm quite excited, and maybe just a teensy bit stressed. But I'm trying not to let it get to me.

It's funny how a little time crunch really gets your butt in gear. Like, for instance, what I'm going to wear in my hair: forever I've just always assumed that I'd buy a cute flower hairpiece on Etsy, but you know what? I'm running out of time. I've bookmarked a ton of them (like
this one, and this one, oh and this, and this), with every intention of someday making a decision, but now I've got to abandon that idea. So, let's make a hairpiece, shall we?


I picked up this pretty brooch at the local flea market for $1. One dollar, folks. Deal! My plan is to snip off the branch part, and just leave the flower. I'm going to make this the center of my hairpiece.


This is the lace that I had sewn into the hem and cap sleeves of my dress. I have a ton of it left, and now I want to sew it into a flower, and then fasten the gold metal flower to the center. Or gather up the lace and make a poof. Um, or something. Any ideas? I know there is a neat trick where you sew a straight stitch along the bottom hem, then you pull on the thread and it gathers nicely into a pretty flower. Will that work with this lace, since it is so light and airy? I plan on attempting to make it this weekend. So, help a girl out, and give me some sewing tips. Because I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lucky Me!

Why am I lucky?

My future mother-in-law just happened to have a bunch of old milk bottles lying around (score!), which she so nicely packed up and shipped to me.

There just happens to be a bush/weed/slightly ugly tree down by the lake at Chickesaw gardens, that just happens to have the exact type of branches that I was looking for. And what do you know, we walk by there all the time, so before one of our walks I remembered to grab the hedge trimmers.

Michael's just happened to have a huge bag of raffia on sale.

Ta-da! Our centerpieces. I was a bit worried that they'd look a little bit too country, or too rustic, but I am very pleased with the results.



{tutorial found here}

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I bought them. I couldn't help it. Not only were they a bit cheaper on Piperlime, but my friend Kendi had a coupon for 20% off!


These were exactly what I was looking for. I figured I could allow myself to splurge on shoes, since my wedding dress was far below $100.

But look! Before I found those, I came across the lovliest of shoe brands. I'm probably the last one on earth to discover them, but
Seychelles Footwear is amazing. Their style is a bit edgy, a bit feminine, and totally unique. I love how they are a bit daring, but still girly. But not too girly. Right?


outta the frying pan

{last three images from Seychelles Footwear}

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Featured Seller: Bake It Pretty

I found this shop, Bake It Pretty, via another blog (it may have been this one, or this one - I can't remember. There are so many lovely blogs that I subscribe to.) Hangs head in shame. I'm addicted to blogs.

Anyway, what a lovely idea for a shop, no? Who doesn't love baking accessories, and (gasp!) cupcake toppers! I bought some of the scalloped bakery boxes from this seller, and I plan to fill them with some homemade shortbread cookies (or maybe sugared pecans?) for all of our wedding guests. These will be just one of the many goodies that will be awaiting them at the bed and breakfast. I love love love to bake for other people, so our wedding has become a mecca of sorts for me - a baking mecca, where I can bestow lots of goodies on our loved ones as they join us on our special day.



{all photos property of Bake It Pretty}

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our custom wedding cake topper...


I love it. I commissioned it from this seller on Etsy. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that site?