Featured Seller: Bake It Pretty

I found this shop, Bake It Pretty, via another blog (it may have been this one, or this one - I can't remember. There are so many lovely blogs that I subscribe to.) Hangs head in shame. I'm addicted to blogs.

Anyway, what a lovely idea for a shop, no? Who doesn't love baking accessories, and (gasp!) cupcake toppers! I bought some of the scalloped bakery boxes from this seller, and I plan to fill them with some homemade shortbread cookies (or maybe sugared pecans?) for all of our wedding guests. These will be just one of the many goodies that will be awaiting them at the bed and breakfast. I love love love to bake for other people, so our wedding has become a mecca of sorts for me - a baking mecca, where I can bestow lots of goodies on our loved ones as they join us on our special day.



{all photos property of Bake It Pretty}


I don't see a link for the etsy store...
jenelisebeth said…
Oh, thanks for letting me know. I've updated it with the link to the shop.

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