I bought them. I couldn't help it. Not only were they a bit cheaper on Piperlime, but my friend Kendi had a coupon for 20% off!


These were exactly what I was looking for. I figured I could allow myself to splurge on shoes, since my wedding dress was far below $100.

But look! Before I found those, I came across the lovliest of shoe brands. I'm probably the last one on earth to discover them, but
Seychelles Footwear is amazing. Their style is a bit edgy, a bit feminine, and totally unique. I love how they are a bit daring, but still girly. But not too girly. Right?


outta the frying pan

{last three images from Seychelles Footwear}


kendi said…
Yay - I love them! Glad I could help :)
fyi - seychelles are also super comfy.

2 thumbs up for the yellow pumps. actually, make that a high five.

now excuse me while i go dig around your blog to find your <$100 dress.
Anna Alter said…
Those shoes are amazing! I didn't realize Piperlime had such great finds, going to check them out now...

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