Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Splurging when I should be saving...

My head is spinning. I can't concentrate. I come into work, and I try to focus on designing this casino and finishing the drawings and the specifications, seeing as construction has already begun and they are already pouring the first floors. I need to get my head in the game and just focus.

But I can't. I just can't. How can any girl focus on anything when she has access to the Internet, which means that she can discover an absolute plethora of wedding blogs, style blogs, idea blogs, cooking blogs...and did I mention wedding blogs? I swore to myself that I wouldn't get sucked in, I wouldn't become that girl that becomes a bridezilla and sweats every little detail about her wedding. And seeing that I've only been engaged for a couple of weeks, you're probably asking yourself (well, probably not, since you don't know me, but just indulge me here), "How can you possibly be stressed already? You haven't even started planning a wedding." And that's exactly why I can't focus. There are so many decisions to be made, expectations to be met, things to be arranged. When we announced our engagement to his parents over the weekend, his mother excitedly asked for my mother's phone number so she could phone and introduce herself - and this, folks, made my head spin and just added to my stress level. "What? Our families meeting? I...never thought of that." I guess I just didn't realize all of the coordination involved when both families live in different states, and the newly engaged couple lives in another state. Argh.

Anyway. So, to alleviate my stress, I bought myself two things on Etsy. I figure that I need to start saving money right away (oh, and I need to move out of my apartment ASAP, which is also a huge stressor for me, seeing as I need to pack, and bring the cat, and we all know how easy it is to introduce a new kitty to a home that already has two dogs...), so I let myself splurge today. The pretty earrings are from JuneDesigns, and my awesome (and custom!) hat is from aknitimi.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking A Sunday Drive - on Saturday

Do you ever make plans to do something over the weekend, you do it, and then all of a sudden you realize what a completely wonderful time you had without even thinking about it? This weekend we drove up to St. Louis for a couple of reasons.

1) My fiance's (!) nephew just turned two years old, so our initial plan was to drive up for the festivities. That plan got shot down rather quickly, as we learned that the bithday boy was hosting his party at the local train station, and they could only fit in their party from 10 until 11:30. We would have had to leave Memphis at, oh I don't know, 6:00 am to get there in time. Eh.

So, reason 2) was to go visit my fiance's (!) grandmother and take her to lunch. And this turned out to be the best reason of all. My fiance insisted on stopping at his parent's house and picking up the his dad's 1970 Le Mans sport to pick up his grandmother for our lunch date, and of course I had to be the worry-wart and told him that it was a terrible idea, she's 90 years old and would not enjoy riding in a convertible on such a warm day, not to mention can she even get into a car that sits so low to the ground?

Ok, I was wrong. Not only did she love the ride, but she even got a little sun on her face and proudly proclaimed that she didn't care. After taking her to lunch and then dropping her back off at the assisted living facility, the lady at the front desk proclaimed that his grandmother looked "positively wonderful" riding around in that nice convertible. This made her beam even more.

Once we dropped her off, we visited the birthday boy, and during dinner with my fiance's family, we announced our engagement. Tears and hugs ensued. I felt loved. Overall, it was a truly splendid weekend.




Thursday, July 24, 2008

Featured Seller: redrubyrose

Well, now that I'm engaged I've been getting advice and links and information and ideas and inspiration and oh my gosh I can't decide on anything and everything looks so beautiful...

Ok, sorry. Anyway, I found this seller through Etsy Wedding, which is a wonderful website that gathers lovely Etsy things that would be wonderful for weddings and parties and anything else having to do with getting married.

And whoa. These handbags are gorgeous. I just can't stop staring at them. And for the quality and silk that she uses, I don't think they are outrageous in price either. Once I decide on what I'm wearing (um...), then I may have to purchase a coordinating handbag from her.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Shower

I've realized that, as of late, I prefer blending into the background instead of being front and center. For instance, recently there was a baby shower held for a girl at work. I offered to help carry the gifts to the restaurant where it was being hosted, and once everything was set up, I then offered to take pictures of everything. This continued throughout the night. I took pictures of the mom-to-be opening her gifts, of the guests mingling, etc. I still got to talk with everyone, but I sort of liked being the one who was assigned to be the photographer. I don't know, I guess I feel more comfortable when I have something specific to do, instead of just awkwardly standing there with a drink in my hand.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures. Aren't these cupcakes cute? I tried to get closeups of everything; my friend who put everything together is considering starting her own party business, and wanted to get some good shots for her future portfolio!