Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look what I just bought!

Ok, so the last winter coat I bought was wonderful. I loved it. I bought it when I was in New York City, back in 2001. It was November, and I was visiting my friends who were living there for an internship job for three months. They took me around town, and then we went shopping. I wandered into Mexx, and there I found a gorgeous tweed coat with contrasting bright blue sateen lining, and it was marked down to $100. So of course I bought it.

Fast forward to today ( years later), and I'm still wearing the same coat as of last winter. Problem is, that lovely blue lining had begun to rip in places (like around the armholes), and overall it was looking a little...shabby. It was getting so bad that I was always embarrassed to take it off in front of everyone, for fear that they would see the obvious rips and tears in the lining.

Since winter will be here before we know it, and I desperately need a new coat, I've been eyeing the
Soia & Kyo line for some time now (look at the fit, and the awesome details!), but goodness, some of them can run close to $400.

Ahah! I found one on Bluefly, for half that. So I snatched it up. I figure if my previous coat lasted me seven years, and was only $100, then I can definitely afford to splurge on a $200 coat, because I will probably make it last at least that long (or longer!).

I'll have to be honest, I sort of felt a twinge of regret once I had pushed the purchase button, but I've gotten over that silly feeling very quickly. Yes, it's a lot of money, but it's something I badly needed.

What's something that you're willing to spend a good amount of money on?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller: Roadside Projects

Well, today is sort of rainy and blah. It's only Wednesday, yet it feels like it should be Friday.

But this cheered me up. These whimsical and vintage-feeling prints are so lovely! I rarely buy prints (not because I never find any that I like; no, it's usually the opposite - I just can't make up my mind about anything!), but I think I may have to purchase a couple of these. I keep meaning to buy some artwork to hang in my crafting area.

Make sure to check out her blog,
Roadside Projects. She's got some really neat images of one of her projects in progress.

{All of this found via

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Relaxed, Beautiful Bride

Ok. This is exactly the look I want. I was browsing this blog, and I came upon this entry.

Sigh. Look at her dress. It's gorgeous. I have no idea where she got it, or what designer it is, but I intend to find it. Or find something similar. Or just hope that I look as relaxed and pretty as she does on MY big day. Isn't she gorgeous?

(photos borrowed from the blog mentioned above, and taken by
Josh McCullock)



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding in a Barn - Better Than it Sounds!

I think I have found a great wedding location. It's a small bed and breakfast near Nashville, has ten lovely guestrooms, and would be perfect for a very small ceremony and family weekend. The bed and breakfast sits on 40 acres, and has multiple sites for an outdoor ceremony.

As luck would have it, look what I found on Martha Stewart's website? The title of the article was about a wedding in a barn. You can find the story and photos
here. (That is also where I got these pictures).

But look at her dress! That is exactly what I want. It's simple, flowy, and has sleeves. Perfect! How idyllic does this couple and their ceremony look? I especially love the reception decorations with the trees. What a great idea.




My Grandmother's Piano

Last night was stressful. Really stressful. So stressful that I could not focus on the dinner we ate (which was really quite wonderful), or the Olympics we were watching for most of the evening. Why? Because we were waiting for a delivery man to show up with my grandmother's piano. Let me explain...

My fiance decided to surprise me with a wedding gift (even though we're not going to get married until next summer). He knew that I've always wanted to own my grandmother's piano, which is located in Ohio in the house where she lived. She has since passed away, and my dad and uncle are still in the process of cleaning out the house and dispersing belongings to family members.

In order to surprise me, my fiance arranged for a shipping company to load up the piano and have it delivered here to Memphis. Or, at least that's what he hoped. Because let's just say that after my fiance agreed to hire them, things started to get a bit fishy. The company's online profile had numerous cancellations and negative feedbacks, which was worrysome in and of itself. Then, the moving guy just happened to never answer his phone when we called. He picked up the piano at 9 am yesterday, and we really didn't hear from him all day. We called and called. And called. I was near tears, thinking that some guy had just made off with my grandmother's 1939 spinnet mahogany piano. I'm sure it's worth some money, right? He was probably laughing all the way home, happy with himself that he just stole someone's piano that he could surely sell for some profit.

I was nearly sick with worry. Like I said, I could barely focus or concentrate. My fiance felt even worse, haunted by the thought that this family piano was gone, all because of his idea and who he hired.

The mover finally arrived at 11 pm. Yes, 11 pm. My fiance was tight-lipped as the guy gave us his excuses: a wreck on the highway involving five semi trucks had really slowed him down, he said. Yeah, right.

Anyway, the most important thing is that he had the piano, it was in one piece, and (as far as I can tell) undamaged in any way. We promptly paid the man and shut the door behind him. And now...I have my piano! Of course I cried when I saw it, because it brought back so many memories of my grandmother. I think - no, I know - that she is really happy right now, wherever she is. Whenever I play this piano, I'll always be reminded of her.

IMG_1144 copy

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Real Wedding Blogs That I Love

There are lots of wedding blogs and wedding sites out there. Did you know that? There are style blogs, etiquette blogs, dress blogs, jewelry (bling!) blogs, decoration and accessory blogs, wedding invitation blogs, and more.

But I've found a few blogs that I truly enjoy keeping up with. These blogs focus on being practical. And real. From the get-go, I've realized that I really don't care about buying flowers. That's why I want to get married in a garden. I don't care about what table linens or the chair covers look like. Heck, I don't even think we'll need those - we're only going to have a handful of people there anyway. Now, this is not to say that I don't care about aesthetics at all - I do, I'm a designer. I'm bombarded with style and appearance and color and design all day long. And I love it.

But what I don't want to do is fuss over the little things, and not take time to really enjoy the important things: the family members that will be there, the good food that we will share, and the fun that we will have.

So here are just a few of the blogs I've found that really inspire me to cut out all the extras, and focus on what matters to us.
A $2000 wedding - Our quest to wrest our wedding from the hands of the Wedding Industrial Complex and make it our own (in a budget-minded, hand-crafted, eco-friendly way)

A Practical Wedding - Creative. Thrifty. Sane.

Offbeat Bride - Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Brides

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving, and Merging Pets

On Saturday it was decided that it's finally time for me to give up my apartment. It's silly that I even still have an apartment - seeing as I spend all of my time at my fiance's house.

We got up early Sunday morning, had a quick breakfast, and happily drove over to my apartment with two cars and began filling them up. You know how it is - you wake up early, you're feeling great because you feel like you're getting a head start on everything, you're all positive and cheery...and then you realize you're going to be moving all of your stuff. Everything you own. And suddenly, your stomach drops and you're not so excited any more. In fact, it all sort of makes you feel sick. You realize how much junk you've accumulated over time, and you feel like you're drowning. At least that's how it felt for me.

As the day progressed, we moved quite a lot of stuff. In Memphis that day it got up to about 101 degrees. It was already close to 90 when we started in the morning. Soon I developd a nasty I-feel-like-I'm-going-to-throw-up headache, probably because I was severely dehydrated, so when 1:00 pm rolled around, we decided to stop moving and just focus on unloading the already-moved items and sort them into keep/throw away/sell piles (we're having a yard sale this weekend, thank goodness. I'm overwhelmed with how much stuff I own, and even more so now that I've seen it crammed into his house).

Despite all of this, it wasn't the worst of it for me. You see, I still had my cat at my apartment. Her name is Sydney, she's a Russian Blue, and I love her. I got her when she was about 8 weeks old.

Sydney as a kitten

See that picture there? Isn't she adorable? She's about 2 years old now. This is a picture of her, all grown up. She gets along wonderfully with my beagle puppy, Zoe.

Sydney all grown up


As we were dating, I would bring Zoe over to my fiance's house when I stayed there for long periods of time. Those visits became longer and longer, and now I'm basically living with him. Which means Zoe is there all of the time, we've established her own food and water bowls at the house, and she's settled in nicely.

But the cat stayed at the apartment. Why? Because of him...


Yes, my fiance has a 95 lb. German Shepherd, named Cicero. He is sweet as can be. However, he also loves cats. He loves to chase them, and chase them some more. We tried to introduce Sydney and Cicero one day, and it ended with me crying, my fiance with bloody scratches up and down his arms, and Sydney nowhere in sight as Cicero roamed the place trying to find her. It was a nightmare.

So last night I had to face this nightmare again. We finally moved the last of my things to his house, and all that was left was Syndey and her litter box. I hesitantly brought her in the house, set up her new food and water area, and then, with my eyes closed, opened the door to let the dogs out of the back hallway. wasn't too bad. Of course the cat hid under the couch while Cicero swept through the place searching for her, but that was about it. I think our big mistake last time was trying to get them to be friends right away. We decided to hold Sydney and try to "introduce" them. Don't ever do that. Like I said, it will end with bloody arms and lots of tears.

Overall, it went better than I thought. Do you have any nightmare stories of trying to merge, or "introduce" new pets to each other?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cream Wedding

Here's my next about a cream wedding? It's funny, really...doing these little color and inspiration boards is a lot of fun, even though it's probably detrimental to me in the long run. It just adds more options and ideas to my already expanding list of things that I may want to do with my wedding. Oh, well.

_cream wedding page

Top row, left to right: lizarietz, piperewan, soapychica, JenniferRydinDesigns
Second row, left to right: julieflemingonline, Pavoreal, bonzie, cornflakegirl
Third row, left to right: Mikiye, hollystalder, SpinkStudio, trystbykerry
Fourth row, left to right: moderncard, blithebride, torque, piperewan

Friday, August 1, 2008

Black and White Wedding

I've decided to start featuring poster boards of things I find on Etsy. I'm currently using the Poster Sketch tool, and as of now there is no html code to get a clickable link for each shop that I feature. So, for now, I'll just add them at the bottom of each post, if you're interested in the source.

So, here is my first one! A black and white wedding theme. What do you think? A little bit vintage, a little bit Audrey Hepburn-like.

_black and white wedding

First row, left to right: adriannepicicci, ouma, pamoolah, leavesofglass
Second row, left to right: GiDu, myrakim, lucia629, whiletheyplay
Third row, left to right: duchessvondudik, SamanthaSultana, BlackStar, art2theextreme
Fourth row, left to right: printjenny, stacysdesigns88, evapaul, kankalinhats