Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Featured Seller: Trendy Knitting

I guess I should preface all of these "Featured" posts by saying that I don't actually interview these amazing sellers, for two reasons. For one, whenever I go to a blog that features a seller, I tend to skip over the text and go for the pictures. Two...well, I don't have a number two. So, I just post a mini of their shop, tell you how lovely I think it is, and then go on. Is that bad? I hope I'm not committing some terrible blog or Etsy sin by not contacting these sellers and asking them to describe themselves and their craft. I just feel like pictures tell the story just as well, and takes so much less work on my part.

Anyway...I found this seller because she found me! I usually don't check who "hearts" my shop, but I was tickled when I saw that this seller had made me a favorite. I love her shop. I love her shop because her shop is everything that I want my other shop to be...but it's not. I can't crochet that fast. I don't have such pretty yarns. And, let's face it - I just don't have the patience it requires to actually finish a project that's larger than a 4" circle. I just don't have it in me. So, basically, I'm jealous of her shop, but in a good way. Her shawls are beautiful. Check out her shop today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Featured Seller: Greygoat

I've always been fond of hats and scarves. So many options, so many ways to wear them. I have wonderful memories associated with both of these items. My grandmother almost always had a silky and colorful scarf looped casually around her neck, which always impressed me and made her seem sort of glamorous. My great aunt Jean always wore elaborate hats, and even went so far as to dedicate one room of her large and historic home as her "hat room". As a child I remember walking in that amazing room and seeing boxes stacked as far as I could see (at ten years old!). The house was incredibly old (probably mid-1800's), so the ceilings were skyhigh, the walls were a wonderful milky white, and the gauzy, creamy white sheers that dressed the windows would blow about gently, as she almost always kept the windows open. My sister and I would spend the day rummaging through those boxes, discovering the most beautiful hats we could imagine.

I digress. Of course. But I was reminded of all of this today when I found this seller, who makes beautiful tops out of vintage scarves! I, of course, had to buy one instantly, and just have to show it off. Isn't it lovely? I can't wait to receive it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Featured Seller: Foundling

Ok, I realize this seller does not need a feature. She's obviously doing quite well for herself. So I figured I'd feature her to not only praise her beautiful work, but for the selfish reason that I'd like to have her images on my blog. Aren't her photographs...I don't know, ephemeral? They are just so pretty, and wonderful, and...calming. Beautiful work by another wonderful Etsy artist!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dishcloths (aka My Obsession with Circles)

Ok, so I've figured out that I'm obsessed with crocheting in the round. When I taught myself to crochet, I really enjoyed learning the different stitches. However, I sort of became bored with crocheting little rectangles of useless nothings. Because, let's face it, I'd get restless, put that piece down and then start a new, fresh little rectangle. It was my way of testing out the different techniques and stitches that are listed in a crochet book I use (by the way, this book is fabulous. It's here.). So now I have about twenty-something different little rectangles that really aren't useable. I suppose I could stitch them together to make a blanket, or I guess I could use them as potholders or coasters...but you get my point.

But now...oh. I discovered how to crochet a circle, and let me tell you - what fun it is! I posted earlier about crocheting a flower, and it's the same sense of satisfaction. It holds my attention just long enough, and before I know it, it's finished! And then all I have to do is make a slip stitch to finish it up, weave in the ends, and ta da! On to the next one. However, now I face the same problem that I already have with my wee rectangles. What am I going to do with lots of crocheted circles? So I figured I'd make a lot of dischclothes. I purchased some skeins of 100% cotton and went to work. And look how cute they are! Of course, I think they look great because I did them myself, but I'm sure most of you think, "Eh, a dishcloth. Nothing new."

So...drum roll...I've opened up a new shop on Etsy to sell my crocheted things. I've already got my jewelry shop, so I figured I needed to separate them out. So check out the new shop here!. I plan on having dishcloths, scarves, purses, and crocheted jewelry in this shop. Of course, that is if I clear my house of these tiny rectangles to make room for new inventory. Do any of you crocheters have this same problem? Not only do I have tons of these practice crocheted squares and rectangles, but also the loads of yarn I've somehow accumulated. How does this happen? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Awesome Hats

Ok, so I never try to get a Treasury on Etsy. One, because they seem crazy popular with everyone because it's always full, people are always trying to get one, yada yada. Second, because I never really understood the appeal. Why would I search through the millions of products on Etsy to choose just nine to feature in a Treasury that expires four days later? Well, I did one today. Although slightly time-consuming, it was actually very enjoyable, and quite easy to do. Check it out here. But hurry, it expires soon!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosy Up!

Look what I won! I stumbled upon CosyUp's blog, and entered her giveaway contest. I never win anything, so I was so excited to find that I had won this lovely flower pin! I just had to show it off. And see how rainy it is here today? I thought the cheery flower against the rainy backdrop was nice. So go check out her shop. It's filled with all sorts of cozy things - scarves, pins, handbags. Goodness, if I could only crochet as well - and as fast! - as she does, I'd be in heaven. I promised my boyfriend a scarf in December, and here it's April and still not finished.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Flowers

So I finally crocheted a flower. I'm so excited about it. Who knew that crocheting in the round can be so fun and so incredibly satisfying? Of course, this was my second or third try. The original pattern that I was using called for using double treble stitches, which made the petals a little too elongated, therefore making the flower sort of floppy and mis-shapen. This pattern called for regular treble stitches, which worked much better with the yarn weight I was using.

And to continue this flower theme, I wanted to post
some pictures that I snapped this morning before I left for work. I was pulling out of Lyndon's driveway and noticed these beautiful flowers in his front yard flower bed. Of course, for the life of me I can't remember what they are called, but he was so proud when they stared budding, and now look at them!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Missing Them Every Day

A family friend passed away last week. He was the grandfather of my childhood friends that I have known since I was born, so I saw him almost as my surrogate grandpa. His passing brought to life fresh memories of when my grandparents died. What a terrible time that was. I cry now just to think of it.

But instead of dwell on the unhappy, I'd rather show you my favorite pictures of my grandparents. My grandmother was so beautiful, and do you know my happiest moment? When I go home to visit, and people who knew my grandmother approach me and tell me that I look just like her. Ok, I'm almost crying again. I need to stop, since I'm at work and probably look quite foolish. But wasn't she so beautiful?

And her and my grandpa's wedding picture is just so...wonderful. This was obviously snapped before they were aware that the photographer was actually taking a picture, because I have another, more formal picture, where they are looking at the camera and are posed. But here...ah. I wonder what Grandpa said, or what was going on, to make my grandma laugh like that. They look so happy.

I miss them terribly, and always will.