Cosy Up!

Look what I won! I stumbled upon CosyUp's blog, and entered her giveaway contest. I never win anything, so I was so excited to find that I had won this lovely flower pin! I just had to show it off. And see how rainy it is here today? I thought the cheery flower against the rainy backdrop was nice. So go check out her shop. It's filled with all sorts of cozy things - scarves, pins, handbags. Goodness, if I could only crochet as well - and as fast! - as she does, I'd be in heaven. I promised my boyfriend a scarf in December, and here it's April and still not finished.


T said…
Oh my goodness! I am so thrilled you like your flower, it looks so very pretty on the windowsill looking out at the rain :) Many happy thanks for such a nice post!!

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