Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dishcloths (aka My Obsession with Circles)

Ok, so I've figured out that I'm obsessed with crocheting in the round. When I taught myself to crochet, I really enjoyed learning the different stitches. However, I sort of became bored with crocheting little rectangles of useless nothings. Because, let's face it, I'd get restless, put that piece down and then start a new, fresh little rectangle. It was my way of testing out the different techniques and stitches that are listed in a crochet book I use (by the way, this book is fabulous. It's here.). So now I have about twenty-something different little rectangles that really aren't useable. I suppose I could stitch them together to make a blanket, or I guess I could use them as potholders or coasters...but you get my point.

But now...oh. I discovered how to crochet a circle, and let me tell you - what fun it is! I posted earlier about crocheting a flower, and it's the same sense of satisfaction. It holds my attention just long enough, and before I know it, it's finished! And then all I have to do is make a slip stitch to finish it up, weave in the ends, and ta da! On to the next one. However, now I face the same problem that I already have with my wee rectangles. What am I going to do with lots of crocheted circles? So I figured I'd make a lot of dischclothes. I purchased some skeins of 100% cotton and went to work. And look how cute they are! Of course, I think they look great because I did them myself, but I'm sure most of you think, "Eh, a dishcloth. Nothing new."

So...drum roll...I've opened up a new shop on Etsy to sell my crocheted things. I've already got my jewelry shop, so I figured I needed to separate them out. So check out the new shop here!. I plan on having dishcloths, scarves, purses, and crocheted jewelry in this shop. Of course, that is if I clear my house of these tiny rectangles to make room for new inventory. Do any of you crocheters have this same problem? Not only do I have tons of these practice crocheted squares and rectangles, but also the loads of yarn I've somehow accumulated. How does this happen? Please tell me I'm not alone!


Rosebud Collection said...

Oh, I have yarn..I really enjoy looking at it..and then something will hit me and I will knit/crochet..
Dishcloths are fun and fast..that is my speed..Yours are lovely.

T said...

These are adorable! And I know exactly what you mean! I have many projects I started and then got bored and moved on to something new.

My favorite right now is to buy big chunky yarn and crochet a little mini-scarf or flower, it's quick and so fun.

I'm learning knitting at the moment and so we also have dishclothes-a-plenty!

maryhanks said...

My ex-mother-in-law taught me to crochet when I was in high school. I've mastered unfinished projects. i could open a whole etsy shop w/ things 75-95% finished!!! Let me know if you want to finish MY bag of crocheted items:)