Featured Seller: Greygoat

I've always been fond of hats and scarves. So many options, so many ways to wear them. I have wonderful memories associated with both of these items. My grandmother almost always had a silky and colorful scarf looped casually around her neck, which always impressed me and made her seem sort of glamorous. My great aunt Jean always wore elaborate hats, and even went so far as to dedicate one room of her large and historic home as her "hat room". As a child I remember walking in that amazing room and seeing boxes stacked as far as I could see (at ten years old!). The house was incredibly old (probably mid-1800's), so the ceilings were skyhigh, the walls were a wonderful milky white, and the gauzy, creamy white sheers that dressed the windows would blow about gently, as she almost always kept the windows open. My sister and I would spend the day rummaging through those boxes, discovering the most beautiful hats we could imagine.

I digress. Of course. But I was reminded of all of this today when I found this seller, who makes beautiful tops out of vintage scarves! I, of course, had to buy one instantly, and just have to show it off. Isn't it lovely? I can't wait to receive it.


Allison said…
Oh wow. Just wow.
that's gorgeous, i think you got the nicest one in the shop too

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