Missing Them Every Day

A family friend passed away last week. He was the grandfather of my childhood friends that I have known since I was born, so I saw him almost as my surrogate grandpa. His passing brought to life fresh memories of when my grandparents died. What a terrible time that was. I cry now just to think of it.

But instead of dwell on the unhappy, I'd rather show you my favorite pictures of my grandparents. My grandmother was so beautiful, and do you know my happiest moment? When I go home to visit, and people who knew my grandmother approach me and tell me that I look just like her. Ok, I'm almost crying again. I need to stop, since I'm at work and probably look quite foolish. But wasn't she so beautiful?

And her and my grandpa's wedding picture is just so...wonderful. This was obviously snapped before they were aware that the photographer was actually taking a picture, because I have another, more formal picture, where they are looking at the camera and are posed. But here...ah. I wonder what Grandpa said, or what was going on, to make my grandma laugh like that. They look so happy.

I miss them terribly, and always will.


tatsuko said…
Yes, your grandmother was absolutely lovely! Your grandparents look like they were on their way to a wonderful life together :)

Here's to honouring the memory of our loved ones ☺ Thanks for sharing this.
Cicada Studio said…
This is very sweet. I'm sure they would be happy to know you remember them this way.
Anonymous said…
Very nice post! I miss my grandparents tremendously. After my mom died, my dad and his parents raised me and my grandma was the mom to me that I never had or got to know.
Noelle Doodle said…
Lovely post. I love old photos, mostly for the clothes. It’s almost unreal to see your grandparents so young.
Michelle said…
what a sweet post, I miss my grandma so much, and the older I get, the more I look and act like her, sometimes I wear something that I know she would have liked, in her favorite color, even though I don't really like it, just to remember her.

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