Awesome Hats

Ok, so I never try to get a Treasury on Etsy. One, because they seem crazy popular with everyone because it's always full, people are always trying to get one, yada yada. Second, because I never really understood the appeal. Why would I search through the millions of products on Etsy to choose just nine to feature in a Treasury that expires four days later? Well, I did one today. Although slightly time-consuming, it was actually very enjoyable, and quite easy to do. Check it out here. But hurry, it expires soon!


Chris Stone said…
I love hats! Nice collection you put together on your treasury!
Helen said…
Congrats on the treasury! I don't for the life of me understand them and the only time I look at them is on blogs! But I hear they are the bomb!
T said…
What a great job you did on your first treasury! Beautiful!

They are incredibly time consuming, you are right, but I try from time to time hoping I might get picked for the front page and get my 15 minutes of fame. Ha!

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