Lucky Me!

Why am I lucky?

My future mother-in-law just happened to have a bunch of old milk bottles lying around (score!), which she so nicely packed up and shipped to me.

There just happens to be a bush/weed/slightly ugly tree down by the lake at Chickesaw gardens, that just happens to have the exact type of branches that I was looking for. And what do you know, we walk by there all the time, so before one of our walks I remembered to grab the hedge trimmers.

Michael's just happened to have a huge bag of raffia on sale.

Ta-da! Our centerpieces. I was a bit worried that they'd look a little bit too country, or too rustic, but I am very pleased with the results.



{tutorial found here}


mother eff, these are perfect.
Dionne said…
How dainty, and yet earthy. I love it!
la said…
fabulous!!! i'm trying to concoct something similar for my june memphis wedding - i even filed away the same paper flower tutorial you used to make these. i just discovered your blog the other day and love your ideas. i will be on the blog-stalker look-out for you on my next run with the pups, as i live and galavant near chickasaw gardens too :)
flamingofluffy said…
i SERIOUSLY love these.

they are to die for.
Victory Bird said…
Quite amazing! We have been talking you up:)
jenelisebeth said…
Make sure you look out for me this week, as I need to go back to that ugly tree to snip some more of its branches. I'll be the girl with a tall guy, a big German shepherd, and a little bity beagle.

I am always scared that the Chickesaw security will stop me and chastise me for stealing branches.
Jennifer said…
This is wonderful, could you post the tutorial that you used to make the flowers?
lee lo said…

these are simply beutiful. You truly took this pattern and made it your own! wonderful!
Kristen said…
Those look fantastic!!
l said…
i'm officially obsessed. i'm not sure where i'll incorporate it into my wedding.. but i will!
Logan said…
oh my goodness!! I love these centerpieces! I just found your blog via once wed. I had to post a picture of your centerpieces on my blog. Great job! They're beautiful and perfect!!
hollyhanna said…
OK this is random. I saw your centerpieces on oncewed, (we're acutally using the same flowers!) clicked on the link, came here, starting looking at your blog, saw your post on the j.crew wedding dress, and a bell went off in my head. I just saw that dress on the classifieds on weddingbee (for $100!) I don't know if it's the right size but I figured I'd pass along the info!!
Gemma said…
Love these flowers! Did you use some special paper to get the different shades of orange or is that a lighting thing? Can you give specifics on where you bought your paper?
jenelisebeth said…
I bought the paper at Michael's, I guess in what you'd call the scrapbooking section, you know where they sell the invidual sheets? It's a fairly thick paper, and I just chose 2 slightly different shades of yellow.
Anonymous said…
love love love!
So creative! I absolutely love that idea.

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