Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend sewing

We were very tired and worn out on Sunday morning (and maybe a teensy-bit hungover from our very successful party from the night before), so after a greasy and quiet brunch at Republic coffee, and with no other ambitions aside from sitting in front of the tv, we decided to stop by the bookstore. And of course, I succumbed. I bought Weekend Sewing.

weekend sewing

I've read through the book entirely now, and I'm anxious to start a project. Ross has some excellent advice about storage options and how you can keep your sewing space neat. I really love her idea about using an old computer hutch or armoire, so that when you're finished sewing for the day you can just close the doors and voila! That way your project stays put, and it's ready for whenever you have another free moment.

I am very fond of this idea, and now am on the hunt for something similar. Any ideas of sources for a vintage or used computer cabinet or hutch? (I hesitate to even include the word computer, as it brings to mind those cheap particle board pieces that you can buy at any old office supply store, but the computer part is essential since that means it includes a sliding work space). Our house is so small, and I really have no great workspace where I can spread out my sewing stuff. I always work at the dining room table, and then I'm forced to clean it all up and pack it away when I'm done, and people, that's just not fun. I find myself uninspired to lug out all of my material. I think I'd do a lot more sewing if it were all readily available, tucked away in a cute cabinet, ready to be worked on at a moment's notice.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding hair...

my hair

...honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I briefly decided to grow my hair out for the wedding, because, you know, everyone grows out their hair for their wedding. That was dumb on so many levels for me - I haven't had long hair in forever, and um, my hair wasn't going to grow enough to do any sort of updo anyway. (This very brief decision was one of those crazy I've-got-to-do-this-because-this-is-what-you-do-when-you-get-married moments...anyone else have those?) So I quit that silliness because I hate having long hair, and I decided that I just wanted to do what I was comfortable with. So I got my hair cut short, and just decided to have my sister curl it loosely and then I'd pin it back with some sort of flower-thing. I knew I didn't want a veil, so this seemed to be fitting. Our location was comfortable and laid-back, and I didn't want the formality that a veil conveys.

I posted about my hair piece
before, but I'll write a little about it again. You lovely ladies commented on that post and gave me a great link to a tutorial for sewn flowers. I didn't really know how to sew then, so I commissioned my fiance's co-worker, who offered to help me out. The middle gold-toned flower was from the flea market ($1!), carefully snipped at the base and glued securely to the center of the lace flower. All in all I was pretty happy with it.

I guess the point of this post is a) do what you want when it comes to your wedding. I had a ton of people (not my wedding guests - they were awesome) question my lack of veil, and why wasn't I doing an up-do? And I hadn't hired a professional to do my hair? Gasp! Seriously, people, it turned out fine. So, please, do what you want. And b) I just wanted to show off some more wedding pictures. Oh, and c) to point out the funny fact that I had a huge bruise on my left arm the day of our wedding. I tend to bruise easily, and yep - there it is. Can you see it?


So, not everything will go right and you won't catch every little detail, but (in my opinion) it makes the day that much more special.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Glam Sconces

Goodness gracious, I cannot keep any sort of consistent theme to my blog. One day I want to post about clothing that I love, another day it's design-related (seeing as that is my job, I suppose that's ok). Sprinkle in lots of wedding stuff and some cooking/baking, and I really am all over the place.

But that's ok! This is my blog, I can do what I want, I suppose. So! We are going to look at some super glamorous light fixtures that I found today, all courtesy of The Urban Electric Company. If you just happen to have a few thousand dollars to throw at a mirrorred sconce, then these are for you (and I'm very jealous).

urban electric co gunston
{gunston sconce}

{parker sconce}

{andrew reflector sconce}

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Faux bois.

I was doing a search for a wood grain pattern for a project that I'm doing at work, and was surprised to see all of the nifty items that are incorporating this wood look. I'm probably the last one in blogger land to notice (and post about) this trend, but oh well. I like it!

C54382 (1)
{lovely quilt bedding from wrapables}

{table runner from viva terra}

{cute wallet from cocaandmilkweed}

Monday, May 18, 2009

A lovely package in the mail...


...I'm back from Vegas, and quite exhausted from the trip. How refreshing, then, to find a small package in the mail from our photographer upon my return! Squeal! Our entire set of wedding photographs - 856 to be exact - at my fingertips. I can barely contain myself! This photo is just one of my favorites.

Should I do more specific posts about our planning process? I find myself so darn excited to share my photos that I just end up slapping them on my blog and not really giving an explanation of where we got what, or how we planned this or that. Well, either way, there are plenty more photos to come!

P.S. For any other brides out there that created their own album, is there any specific company that you'd recommend? I've heard of
Blurb, but are there any other companies out there that will take my digital files and make a really nice hard-bound book?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My day job.

IMG_2089 copy

So I promised pictures of my latest project. Here they are! This is a new casino expansion of an existing race track. Opening day is May 20th! I have to say that it is pretty amazing to work on a project for almost a year and a half, and to at last be able to see it come to fruition! (These pictures were taken during our visit for the final punch list - hence the taped off carpet in the bottom photo.)

IMG_2135 copy

IMG_2139 copy

I completed the interiors on my own; we initially had an interiors team that was collaborating on the whole project, but due to most of the team moving/changing jobs, I got to finish it on my own. Quite the challenge, but I'm thankful for the opportunity and the LARGE amount of responsibility that was thrust upon me.

IMG_2115 copy

So who can guess where this casino is located? Arkansas. Yep. The client wanted something unique to the area, and boy they got it. I think we designed a much nicer space than anything they were anticipating, but they totally love it.

Next post...more wedding pictures!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two more wedding photos...

...of my two favorite guys!



Don't worry, readers (I think there are 12 of you!), there will be so many more wedding pictures to show you. My lovely photographer is mailing me the entire CD (with over 700 images) this week! (I promise to not bore you with all 700...promise....................).

Things I want to buy...but my bank account says no (or at least not right now)

west elm rugs
{west elm wood grain rugs} psst these are on sale!

shop ruche
{cute dress at shop ruche}

iheartnorwegianwood etsy shop
{gorgeous necklace from iheartnorwegianwood}

{lovely gold earrings from shlomitofir}

Monday, May 4, 2009

Clutch. Or craft fail?

I was so excited that I'd successfully made three purses, that I decided to make up my own pattern (well, really just modify the one I was using) to make a clutch. It can't be that difficult, right?

I used a very heavy-weight upholstery fabric on the exterior, and
this bird print on the interior. Everything went well - I sketched it all out before I cut anything, I had my measurements down exactly. I enjoyed the rainy afternoon as I cut out everything and interfaced the lining pieces.

IMG_2180 copy

I finished everything, turned it right-side-out, and wanted to cry. I know it doesn't show very badly in the picture, but the clutch is all lumpy, and bunching up at the top. My husband saw it and beamed with pride. He even declared that he "would buy that for me if he saw it in a shop." I love him so. Would you buy this lumpy, mis-shapen clutch-thing? Should I submit it as a Craft Fail?

P.S. I think I know what my mistake is. I shortened the overall length to make it the clutch size, but didn't modify the angle or the ratio of the top to the larger bottom (hence the bunching of the top). I am determined to get this right - stay tuned for more clutches (or craft fails - we'll see!). The only positive to this project (aside from learning from my mistakes, yada, yada) is that I finally taught myself how to install a magnetic snap. Woop woop!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bed and Breakfast cuisine.

I just found out today that the bed and breakfast where we got married has just launched a new recipe blog. Chef Evans of Evins Mill will be posting a new recipe there each month.

{view from the deck of Evins Mill, photo by me}

People, go check it out
here. Our wedding meals (dinner, then breakfast, lunch, our reception dinner...and another breakfast) were amazing. Aside from the gorgeous setting, our guests could not stop raving about the food. The first recipe they listed is a Carrot Ginger Soup, which (if I remember correctly - it all happened so fast!) was our first course for our reception dinner. Even my mom liked this, and she tends to be (how can I say this politely?) a bit picky.

Vintage Vogue.


Vogue_1949_-_Horst_P_Horst.62170837_large (1)


{all images from my vintage vogue, a fantastic website for all types of vintage clothing images from the 20's, 30's, and more}

In my dream world, I would be this glamorous. Thin and lean, wearing smart clothes and being able to pull off wearing all sorts of neat things. I especially love the first image. She is
Edythe Baker, an actress and (apparently) very talented but obscure pianist. I tried finding out more about her, but could not. Does anyone know more about her? I'm very intrigued.