Clutch. Or craft fail?

I was so excited that I'd successfully made three purses, that I decided to make up my own pattern (well, really just modify the one I was using) to make a clutch. It can't be that difficult, right?

I used a very heavy-weight upholstery fabric on the exterior, and
this bird print on the interior. Everything went well - I sketched it all out before I cut anything, I had my measurements down exactly. I enjoyed the rainy afternoon as I cut out everything and interfaced the lining pieces.

IMG_2180 copy

I finished everything, turned it right-side-out, and wanted to cry. I know it doesn't show very badly in the picture, but the clutch is all lumpy, and bunching up at the top. My husband saw it and beamed with pride. He even declared that he "would buy that for me if he saw it in a shop." I love him so. Would you buy this lumpy, mis-shapen clutch-thing? Should I submit it as a Craft Fail?

P.S. I think I know what my mistake is. I shortened the overall length to make it the clutch size, but didn't modify the angle or the ratio of the top to the larger bottom (hence the bunching of the top). I am determined to get this right - stay tuned for more clutches (or craft fails - we'll see!). The only positive to this project (aside from learning from my mistakes, yada, yada) is that I finally taught myself how to install a magnetic snap. Woop woop!


Lauranie said…
You really can't tell in the picture, and it is probably not as bad as you think. You know "we" are our own WORST critic. I think it is super cute and the next one will be FABULOUS!
la said…
i don't think it looks bad! definitely not a craft fail. a craft learning experience, perhaps. i have created two "prototypes" of my own clutch-pattern-making-insanity-project out of some random curtain fabric my mom had lying around. i definitely made the same mistake of not considering proportion of angles, etc. but eh, i'm new at this. the first was too tall for my liking, and i added a flap, which i ended up not loving. the second one i made longer and less tall, didn't do the side pleats, and added some really heavy interfacing in the top pieces to make it stay closed better. i kinda screwed up sewing the lining and outside together so it looks screwy, but i think the pattern will work. if my next attempt turns out successful, i will share! i'd blog about it, but it's super-top-secret from my bridesmaids...
I think it looks good (even though I always want people to post on CraftFail!!). I have discovered from writing CraftFails that almost all of my crafts COULD qualify as fails... I think it has something to do with my refusal to use patterns!

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