Glam Sconces

Goodness gracious, I cannot keep any sort of consistent theme to my blog. One day I want to post about clothing that I love, another day it's design-related (seeing as that is my job, I suppose that's ok). Sprinkle in lots of wedding stuff and some cooking/baking, and I really am all over the place.

But that's ok! This is my blog, I can do what I want, I suppose. So! We are going to look at some super glamorous light fixtures that I found today, all courtesy of The Urban Electric Company. If you just happen to have a few thousand dollars to throw at a mirrorred sconce, then these are for you (and I'm very jealous).

urban electric co gunston
{gunston sconce}

{parker sconce}

{andrew reflector sconce}


Inspired Kara said…
love the first one!
Blueprint Bliss said…
Those are beautiful!

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