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So I promised pictures of my latest project. Here they are! This is a new casino expansion of an existing race track. Opening day is May 20th! I have to say that it is pretty amazing to work on a project for almost a year and a half, and to at last be able to see it come to fruition! (These pictures were taken during our visit for the final punch list - hence the taped off carpet in the bottom photo.)

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I completed the interiors on my own; we initially had an interiors team that was collaborating on the whole project, but due to most of the team moving/changing jobs, I got to finish it on my own. Quite the challenge, but I'm thankful for the opportunity and the LARGE amount of responsibility that was thrust upon me.

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So who can guess where this casino is located? Arkansas. Yep. The client wanted something unique to the area, and boy they got it. I think we designed a much nicer space than anything they were anticipating, but they totally love it.

Next post...more wedding pictures!


Blueprint Bliss said…
So jealous... I do commercial design. But nothing fun like this.

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