Wedding hair...

my hair

...honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I briefly decided to grow my hair out for the wedding, because, you know, everyone grows out their hair for their wedding. That was dumb on so many levels for me - I haven't had long hair in forever, and um, my hair wasn't going to grow enough to do any sort of updo anyway. (This very brief decision was one of those crazy I've-got-to-do-this-because-this-is-what-you-do-when-you-get-married moments...anyone else have those?) So I quit that silliness because I hate having long hair, and I decided that I just wanted to do what I was comfortable with. So I got my hair cut short, and just decided to have my sister curl it loosely and then I'd pin it back with some sort of flower-thing. I knew I didn't want a veil, so this seemed to be fitting. Our location was comfortable and laid-back, and I didn't want the formality that a veil conveys.

I posted about my hair piece
before, but I'll write a little about it again. You lovely ladies commented on that post and gave me a great link to a tutorial for sewn flowers. I didn't really know how to sew then, so I commissioned my fiance's co-worker, who offered to help me out. The middle gold-toned flower was from the flea market ($1!), carefully snipped at the base and glued securely to the center of the lace flower. All in all I was pretty happy with it.

I guess the point of this post is a) do what you want when it comes to your wedding. I had a ton of people (not my wedding guests - they were awesome) question my lack of veil, and why wasn't I doing an up-do? And I hadn't hired a professional to do my hair? Gasp! Seriously, people, it turned out fine. So, please, do what you want. And b) I just wanted to show off some more wedding pictures. Oh, and c) to point out the funny fact that I had a huge bruise on my left arm the day of our wedding. I tend to bruise easily, and yep - there it is. Can you see it?


So, not everything will go right and you won't catch every little detail, but (in my opinion) it makes the day that much more special.


Kathryn said…
just came across your blog and let me tell you... i am SO beyond in love with your dress. i'm dress hunting for my wedding next year, and hate pretty much anything that is deemed "wedding dress". ick. LOVE this.

and a belated congratulations!

(also - love your hairpiece... my hair is very similar ... hard to figure out what to put in short hair!)

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