A lovely package in the mail...


...I'm back from Vegas, and quite exhausted from the trip. How refreshing, then, to find a small package in the mail from our photographer upon my return! Squeal! Our entire set of wedding photographs - 856 to be exact - at my fingertips. I can barely contain myself! This photo is just one of my favorites.

Should I do more specific posts about our planning process? I find myself so darn excited to share my photos that I just end up slapping them on my blog and not really giving an explanation of where we got what, or how we planned this or that. Well, either way, there are plenty more photos to come!

P.S. For any other brides out there that created their own album, is there any specific company that you'd recommend? I've heard of
Blurb, but are there any other companies out there that will take my digital files and make a really nice hard-bound book?


cjh said…
Yea for pictures! I've used My Publisher recently and it turned out well. A friend used them for her wedding pics and it turned out great! I've also used Shutterfly and have seen a Blurb book. I think all of them are pretty comparable.

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