Weekend sewing

We were very tired and worn out on Sunday morning (and maybe a teensy-bit hungover from our very successful party from the night before), so after a greasy and quiet brunch at Republic coffee, and with no other ambitions aside from sitting in front of the tv, we decided to stop by the bookstore. And of course, I succumbed. I bought Weekend Sewing.

weekend sewing

I've read through the book entirely now, and I'm anxious to start a project. Ross has some excellent advice about storage options and how you can keep your sewing space neat. I really love her idea about using an old computer hutch or armoire, so that when you're finished sewing for the day you can just close the doors and voila! That way your project stays put, and it's ready for whenever you have another free moment.

I am very fond of this idea, and now am on the hunt for something similar. Any ideas of sources for a vintage or used computer cabinet or hutch? (I hesitate to even include the word computer, as it brings to mind those cheap particle board pieces that you can buy at any old office supply store, but the computer part is essential since that means it includes a sliding work space). Our house is so small, and I really have no great workspace where I can spread out my sewing stuff. I always work at the dining room table, and then I'm forced to clean it all up and pack it away when I'm done, and people, that's just not fun. I find myself uninspired to lug out all of my material. I think I'd do a lot more sewing if it were all readily available, tucked away in a cute cabinet, ready to be worked on at a moment's notice.


Molly Jean said…
maybe flea markets? or thrift stores...i've found some awesome secondhand stuff at thrift stores (they usually require painting & minor repairs). thanks for visiting my blog (love yours)!

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