Featured Seller: Trendy Knitting

I guess I should preface all of these "Featured" posts by saying that I don't actually interview these amazing sellers, for two reasons. For one, whenever I go to a blog that features a seller, I tend to skip over the text and go for the pictures. Two...well, I don't have a number two. So, I just post a mini of their shop, tell you how lovely I think it is, and then go on. Is that bad? I hope I'm not committing some terrible blog or Etsy sin by not contacting these sellers and asking them to describe themselves and their craft. I just feel like pictures tell the story just as well, and takes so much less work on my part.

Anyway...I found this seller because she found me! I usually don't check who "hearts" my shop, but I was tickled when I saw that this seller had made me a favorite. I love her shop. I love her shop because her shop is everything that I want my other shop to be...but it's not. I can't crochet that fast. I don't have such pretty yarns. And, let's face it - I just don't have the patience it requires to actually finish a project that's larger than a 4" circle. I just don't have it in me. So, basically, I'm jealous of her shop, but in a good way. Her shawls are beautiful. Check out her shop today!


decadentdiamond said…
Great find, or well, she found you first! I love the crocheted roses, adorable!

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