Wedding in a Barn - Better Than it Sounds!

I think I have found a great wedding location. It's a small bed and breakfast near Nashville, has ten lovely guestrooms, and would be perfect for a very small ceremony and family weekend. The bed and breakfast sits on 40 acres, and has multiple sites for an outdoor ceremony.

As luck would have it, look what I found on Martha Stewart's website? The title of the article was about a wedding in a barn. You can find the story and photos
here. (That is also where I got these pictures).

But look at her dress! That is exactly what I want. It's simple, flowy, and has sleeves. Perfect! How idyllic does this couple and their ceremony look? I especially love the reception decorations with the trees. What a great idea.





love that whole look! we're planning a rustic ranch wedding in colorado for next summer...

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