Well, I don't think I was responsible for jinxing the whole thing, but this fell through. So, no new house yet. But we're keeping our heads up. We'll find something that is just right for us (or, perhaps, the owners will change their minds after sitting on the market for awhile!).

Either way, here's a shop that cheered me up when I came across it. Truly stunning vintage (and in some cases, antique) finds by
andfoundfurnishings. I'd like to think that once we do find the house, we can fill it with items like these.





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elizabeth said…
Drat! I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out... I know how one can start imagining where the furniture will go, what new things will be needed, all the great parties the house will hold, etc...
BUT, it usually takes a few offers before one sticks. We bid on three houses before getting our offer accepted, and pulled out all the stops to do so (including having an inspection done BEFORE the bid, so that we could put in a no-contingency offer.) And I'm happy to say that the house we finally did get was the best -by far- of the three. I ended up being happy that our earlier offers were rejected. Hang in there!
like elizabeth said, don't lose faith because it's so common to lose the first house you bid on. that chandelier reminds me of the one in my parents' house, only minus the crystals and add lots of cobwebs
Nicole said…
Hi Jen Elisabeth, I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to nab your dreamy house but I am very glad to hear that my shop cheered you up!!! So glad to spread the joy. Thanks for featuring me on your blog. Good luck with your continued search....Nicole of "& found"
Well, Jennifer, sometimes it happens that way and it turns out for the best. A better fit for you maybe around the corner, though I am sure it is hard to imagine that now. My husband and I "flipped" houses for a bit until the economy took a turn for the worse. We love houses, buying and refurbishing, and yes, decorating them. I love the vintage, retro look as well as a clean, modern one.

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