Sewing. And a train case!

I haven't posted anything about what I've been working on lately, mainly because when I get home at night, after we've walked the dogs for an hour and then have had dinner, it's almost dark - which does not make for good pictures. But I will assure you that it involves a LOT of sewing. Pictures to come soon!

And up until this point, I've been keeping all of my sewing supplies in a plastic bag. Yes, that's right, a plastic bag. Isn't that sad? I just keep acquiring supplies, and I just didn't have anything to store them in. I know, you're thinking, "Really? You didn't have a box, or something?". Ok, maybe I was just lazy.

But the other night, I discovered that the lid of my box of pins had come off, and oh, lots of pins in the bottom of a plastic bag is not good. Especially when some of the pins managed to fall through the teensy hole in the bottom. Now I had pins all over the floor. Blah.

So I solved my problem. I bought this. I'm so excited to get it. I had seen tons of these vintage train cases all over the place, and I thought it would make a perfect sewing box.



Go check out Flying Ace's shop
here. She has lots of other wonderful vintage items (and just listed yesterday, another train case!).


Good idea.I remember having one for real..
PamperingBeki said…
That is seriously cute.

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