Preparing for this has me busy, busy, busy. When I'm not working or fixing dinner or walking dogs or cleaning or helping a friend with her wedding stuff (!), or whatever, I'm sewing. But I'm super excited. Our booth is going to be awesome. We've already invited a ton of friends to come and have a beer with us, so I suspect that we'll have visitors all day long, ha.

Anyway, when the demands of building up inventory for the booth are gone, I want to sew myself some clothing. Specifically,
this skirt.

{marie skirt, by burdastyle...find it
here} Sigh...if only I could look that stunning!


Rachel said…
That skirt is adorable! I haven't had much luck following BurdaStyle patterns, but maybe I'm just too inexperienced at sewing clothes.

Re the headband slippage situation - I always just add a couple of crossed bobby pins on each side of my head. Keeps the headband right in place, and it doesn't give me a headache the way fitted headbands do.

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