Valentine's Day Graham Cracker Crunch

This treat came about because of a flop I had during Christmas.  I somehow managed to mess up a recipe for a peanut butter + chocoloate + graham cracker layered bar recipe, but then chose to roll up that entire mess into truffles.  I of course puffed and huffed the entire time, annoyed with myself, but the truffles turned out to be pretty good.  However, before I could see the light at the end of that tunnel, I had rushed out in an angry haze to the grocery store, determined to buy more graham crackers to fix my mistake.

Once the truffles turned out and were packaged up, my new box of graham crackers sat in the cupboard, sadly forgotten.  Until now!  If you need a recipe to use up a bunch of graham crackers, this is your recipe.

I liked this because a) it came together super easy, b) used up stuff in my pantry that I already had and c) did not require any fussy rolling or cutting or anything.  Just spread, heat, spread some more, then break up into pieces!  My lucky valentines who received this treat had no complaints whatsoever.


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