Cooper Young, oh yeah!

First of all, I can now say that I've conquered sewing...well, purses and clutches at least. Clothing is another story. I finally figured out a clutch pattern that works, and is awesome. I made three this weekend, and I am thrilled (they involve some awesome pleats, and use of some very cool vintage skirts that I bought.) I need to photograph them so I can show them off here, don't I? I was going to list them on Etsy, but...we got a booth at the Cooper-Young festival this year! So I'm going to save them to sell there instead. I'm so excited!

I've done this festival in the
past, and, while I had a great response to my jewelry, I just wasn't completely satisfied with it. My booth setup was severly lacking, and I just hadn't thought everything through (branding, booth decoration, table display, etc.). And making jewelry was fun, but I just wasn't really into it. I couldn't say that I had made that jewelry from scratch. It would be one thing if I was forging my own earwires, so I could say that yes, I really made that. But I wasn't. I was pretty much buying the parts, then assembling and selling them. And really, making earrings is so easy once you have all of the components. It involves threading a few stones, turning a couple loop turns, and BAM you're done. So I wasn't too proud of it, even though, like I said, everyone seemed to love it. But this year...we're going to rock. I'm very much inspired by this gal. So I have lots of plans for the booth. And I can now proudly say that my clutches are made entirely by me, from scratch, and they are all one-of-a-kind. My husband has even jumped in on this, and is super excited. He's going to be making and selling stuff as well!

So if you're in Memphis on September 19, please stop by! We're at booth B16...across the street from Java Cabana and Casablanca (see map below).



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