Featured Etsy Seller: Neneee

These clothes are fantastic. Fantastic! I adore everything in her shop. I constantly am drawn to her designs and just her sheer...I don't know...daring way of putting things together. Rompers? A babydoll dress sewn on the front of another dress? Crazy and amazing.

Here is her sweet summary of her work:

"neneee focuses on featuring comfy and fashionable daily wear for extra awesome girls and smart, fragile women. i draw most of my inspiration from street style, art, eccentricities, music, movies, literature and the like. unless noted otherwise, all clothes are made by yours truly; this includes everything from sketching to pattern drafting, cutting and finishing."

g e romper
{great expectations romper}

scalloped shorts
{scalloped shorts}

{tuxedo dress}

{circus romper}

{grey gardens playsuit}


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