Monday, July 27, 2009

Ann Sacks Tile.

I have to say, some aspects of my job are pretty neat. We get to see the newest design products, and I am always amazed at how the designs mimic things that are current in fashion, art, graphics, etc. Granted, I think interior design products may be a bit behind the fashion train, but they are pretty close.

I came across these mosaic tiles from Ann Sacks while I was searching for a mosaic tile for a specific project. A lot of these tiles incorporate the geometric/trellis/herringbone pattern that I've been seeing a lot lately in fashion. But get ready to take out a loan for these - they aren't cheap.

For economic options (at only $70 per square foot!), try these.



interlocking oval
{interlocking oval}

For you big spenders, try these options. Starting at only (ONLY!) $132 per square foot.


{peacock} I think this one is my favorite.


{quince tree} Can you imagine a whole wall of this? Stunning.

{circle square}

{interlocking square}

All images are property of Ann Sacks, and all of these tiles and additional information can be found

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