Figs wrapped in bacon.

{fresh figs, by velocipede}

On our honeymoon in New Orleans, we were served the loveliest of appetizers at the
Marigny Brasserie. Warm figs, wrapped in bacon, then topped with bleu cheese. Or, at least I think it was bleu cheese. I obviously didn't even care enough to pay any attention, they were so good. I think we almost fought for the last one.

So, we replicated that appetizer this weekend. We had another couple over for dinner on Saturday, and these figs - boy, they were a hit. I was going to be all fancy and draft up a recipe, but seriously, these are easy. We are lucky to have a fig tree in our neighborhood - we walk by it every night on our hour-long strolls, and we had been plotting to borrow some figs as soon as they became ripe.

It's so simple. Use ripe figs (you can tell - they are very soft, but still supple). Instead of wrapping an entire piece of bacon on each one, we sliced up stips of bacon into 2" long pieces, then tooth-picked it into each fig. Bake at 350 degrees for at least 20 minutes (it will take awhile for the bacon to get to that perfect crispy but-not-too-crispy stage). Right out of the oven, drop a small piece of bleu cheese (or feta? I think you could use lots of different kinds of cheese) right on top of the hot bacon. The heat will sort of melt it in place. Then serve! It's so easy, yet so impressive. Our guests were delighted (and can't stop talking about how good they were).


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