Etsy + Martha Stewart + Handmade Weddings = awesome!

First of all, I don't think I ever showed off our photographer's lovely photo of our wedding centerpieces. I blogged about them here, but her picture is much more lovely.

our centerpieces

this out! Etsy is teaming up with Martha Stewart to have a contest for handmade wedding crafts. So cool. Here is a link to the page on Martha's website.

here is the link to my submission! It looks like this contest isn't determined by votes or anything, but I'd love if you hopped over there and left a comment/rating. And check out the other submissions...there are some pretty neat ideas out there, for any of you planning weddings. Gah, don't you just love the internet?


Stephanie Sabbe said…
cool! I will totally give you 5 stars. I think this is so pretty
kate bingham said…
How did you make these... is it a DIY project that someone at home could try? I'd LOVE to try and recreate a version for my home! thanks

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