Cooper-Young 2008

So I did it again! I had a booth at the Cooper-Young festival here in Memphis, and while it was a bit slower than last year, it was definitely a success! I sort of laughed at myself when I saw the pictures that I took of the booth - a little sparse looking, for sure. But I had over 80 pairs of earrings, so I thought it would look fuller than it actually did. Oh, well. It was a really fun day, and thanks to everyone who stopped by.

The best part of my day? When a store owner asked if I would be interested in selling my jewelry in her shop! Score!

So, now you can find my jewelry for sale
here, and if you happen to be in Memphis, you'll soon be able to find it at this store.

my earrings for sale at cooper-young!

my sparse-looking booth - but that's ok


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