Wedding Project #1

As anyone knows who's planned a wedding, the choices to be made and the options one has are almost frightening. Add to that the whole slew of do-it-yourself and craft ideas, coupled with blogs of amazing photography and beautiful dresses and amazingly cute table centerpieces, and all of a sudden you're in such whirlwind that you almost don't know where to start. You doubt decisions you've already made, and you suddenly find yourself wanting to just buy everything you see because you just have to have the best wedding ever.

After my first couple weeks of wedding blog innundation, I think I've finally calmed down. I've developed a mental filter, so now I don't find myself drowning in options. I've come to realize what I like and my certain style, and this allows me to ignore or pass over a lot of things and focus on what is right for our wedding.

Which brings me to this. I haven't even tried on any wedding dresses yet, but I keep coming back to this one (from J. Crew) as a final contender. There is something about it that I just love. It's simple, sweet, not too frilly.'s only $350! Which, amazingly, is still over my budget for a dress (I was shooting for $300), but I may allow myself to overspend by 50 bucks.


Our wedding date is in March 2009. I'm thinking it will be a bit chilly, so of course one day I spent a good chunk of time on Etsy searching for hand-knit or crocheted shrugs. As expected, I found a good amount of them, all of them beautiful. But then I started thinking, um, why don't I just make one myself?

I taught myself to crochet over Christmas, and up until this point the only thing I've made are scarves. Because, duh, scarves are easy. Just long rectangles, really. So I am going to attempt to make this, from the Stitch 'N Bitch book
The Happy Hooker:


I went to our local yarn store, and thank goodness the sweet lady who works there helped me pick out the right type of yarn. It is cottony and soft and a lovely buttery yellow. I've already started on it this weekend, and I'm thrilled. This is my first time following a pattern, and so far it's working out wonderfully. I plan on taking pictures and posting my progress.

Apparently a lot of people have made this bolero, in varying colors and adaptations. I particularly liked this one that I found on
this website where a girl posted very cute pics of her finished bolero. I really like how she kept the sleeves a bit shorter, almost like cap sleeves.



What do you think? How do you think this little shrug (imagine it in a pretty pale buttery yellow) would look paired with that dress?


tori said…
That wedding dress is gorgeous!

And try knitting, too - the lacey patterns are actually more fun than you'd think and not difficult if you do a test swatch first.

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