Strawberry Picking. And Jam.

I promise myself every year that I'll go strawberry picking once the season hits, and then June rolls around and I realize that I've almost missed out on the peak time! However, I think I haven't missed it completely, so this weekend I am going here to pick my own strawberries. If you've never picked your own fruit, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend making your own jam. And no, it's not hard. I use this recipe, and it's wonderful.

I've already made one batch this season and we've already used it up (it's delicious on homemade bread!). Since it was all gone I was forced to eat Smucker's jam on a piece of toast this week in a quick, desperate and hungry whirlwind before I had to rush out the door for work, and I pledged to never do that again. Sorry, Smuckers. But you're just not that good.


So once you've made your OWN strawberry jam, from the berries that you've picked YOURSELF, then go buy
this awesome jam spoon. Isn't it the cutest thing? And so clever!


Kevin said…
Homemade strawberry jam is the best. I try to make some every year.
Lisa said…
I splashed you! I think your blog is really sweet. Please check out my blog for more details


p.s. all i want is jam now
fresh365 said…
Ooh I have been longing to make jam with all the strawberries I just picked! This weekend?

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