Lovely Wedding.

We attending L's good friend's wedding this weekend in St. Louis. It was lovely! Absolutely stunning. The rehearsal dinner (L was in the wedding) was held at Sage Restaurant. We had the entire upper outdoor patio reserved, and the mother of the groom did such a wonderful job with the table decor. The wedding colors were a gorgeous robin's egg blue (almost turquoise), and a really pretty cherry red.

table at rehearsal

table at rehearsal

us at rehearsal
{us at the rehearsal - you can't tell, but we were somewhat was just so hot!}

The wedding itself was held at Bee Tree Park, under a shady area that overlooked the Mississippi. The weather held out and provided us with a very enjoyable 85 degrees, instead of the miserable almost-100 degree heat that we had the previous day.

But the best part? The reception was held at
Third Degree Glass Factory. How cool is that? Between the time of the bridal party taking pictures and their arrival to the reception (and thus being able to start the buffet line!), guests were given a glass-blowing demonstration to pass the time.

paper weights

table at reception

wedding cake


Shanna Suburbia said…
Are those... Christmas Tree ornaments filled with water??

So pretty!

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