Recipes to a sewing project!

Ok, so this weekend was fabulous. Fabulous = no real plans, the house was clean, so we were free to play and just do whatever we wished. So on Friday, we grilled ribeyes and corn on the cob. Mainly because I had two recipes that I had found and was dying to try. The first was this recipe - shallot-thyme butter for the corn. Please, do everyone in your household a favor - and make this right now. Not only is it delicious (we had friends over the next night and I made another batch, and our friend mentioned that instead of any real food, he'd just like a big bowl of that butter, please), but it makes your kitchen smell heavenly. Please, go make it.

The second recipe was
this one - roasted garlic and pepper guacamole. We slathered it on top of the steaks, and the creamy, smooth consistency was a wonderful contrast to the grilled meat.

And then! There's more. On Sunday, I made
this recipe. Lordy, people - seriously, we took one bite of this and we couldn't believe how good it was. The marscapone is slightly sweet, and is a great contrast to the tangy-sweet of the strawberries, all on top of those soft and warm pepper biscuits. I am pretty sure I gained a few pounds this weekend, but we needed it. It was our first weekend in a long time where we didn't have any plans or any travel requirements, so I took full advantage of it.

And you know what that means...I also got in a little sewing time. I went to work converting a blouse that I had picked up at the local goodwill. It cost me all of 50 cents, but it was so interesting that I had to buy it. It's a French blouse, 100% wool, with super adorable buttons placed down one side, and at the top was a lovely secretary-type tie. However, it was quite boxy when I tried it on, and had several small holes near the collar.


So, inspired by this crafty gal and her
tutorial, I made it into something a bit more wearable. Ta-da!


I'm glad I did this, although overall I probably won't wear this top too I said, it's all wool, so it tends to feel a bit scratchy and heavy - not quite what you'd want in a summer top. But it was a great learning tool, and I've already got another shirt ready to stay tuned! Plus, I almost finished that dress I was yapping about last week, so I'll post about that when it's done.

Anyone else have a neat before and after tutorial? Please share!


Stephanie Sabbe said…
i love this! good job
anna said…
Hi, I just randomly found your blog.

I wish I had an ounce of your craftiness. I would not know where to start.
saffiertje said…
turned out great!!! Gonna make one for me!!!!

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