I was finishing up my dress last night (I'm sewing the sundress from Weekend Sewing), and I realized that I really need a pincushion. I tend to not put the pins back into their little container while I'm sewing, and I always inadvertantly knock them all over the place, scattering them across the table and onto our rug (our vacuum cleaner was growling and not very happy when I cleaned last week - I think it picked up at least ten pins!).

As is always the case when I need something, I go to Etsy. And Etsy, you never cease to amaze me. Look what I found! Pincushions are an art form all of their own.

Styles ranged from sweet (almost literally!)...

To cute...

To simple...

To really pretty...

To downright sculptural!

{all images property of their respective shops}

...So which one should I buy?


a mindful bride said…
I like simple or sweet. They seem the most useful. Can't wait to see your dress.
Cyd said…
Gosh. They're all great, but I really love the little pillow with the crochet doily applique.

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