I have to give lots of props to the author of the pattern, as she explained things very well. It took awhile on my part, as this was my very first sewing project. But look how well it turned out! My husband (boy, that sounds weird!), exclaimed, "Oh wow...it looks so professional! I would buy that purse." Thanks, babe.


{Update: After seeing other people's pictures of their finished purses, I realized that I sewed the bottom wrong. I sewed the bottom pleat in place, when I should have spread out the edges of the purse so it's more triangular-shaped. Whoops. Oh well - the recipient loved it and will never know the difference!}


jenni said…
wow! that is a nice purse. How big is it?

ps. thank you for your comment about the eggs!
jenelisebeth said…
It turned out a little smaller than I had imagined, only about 13 inches high (not including straps). It's super cute, though, so I'll just modify the pattern when I make it again.

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