Ok, still no wedding pictures. I promise to show you (whoever reads this!) when I finally receive them. It seems pretty weird, huh, that for (how many?) months I was rambling on and on about the wedding, and now I've completely switched gears to my sewing projects. Not much of a consistent wedding blog, is this?

Anyway...thought I'd share some clothing that is currently on my wish list. I am by no means the first person who discovered these awesome clothing designers, but I want to show them here anyway. To make my blog prettier. And to give these people more traffic. Because let's be honest, I really can't afford to be buying too many new clothes right now (see above-mentioned wedding...) But check out these dresses.



{Thrush} ...don't you just love her hair? This vintage shop is wonderful.


{makool} (Ok, this is not a dress, but I love the detailing on this shirt)



Rebecca said…
lovelovelove that plaid with the collar!
Cyd said…
That purple dress is ah-maz-ing!

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