Linen purse.

Ok, I love this one. I finished it this weekend, and I'm pleased that it didn't take me nearly as long as the previous purse. Seeing as this is only my second thing to sew (ever!), I'm pretty happy with it.


I found out that I'm going to Vegas in May for work (score!), so I decided I needed a big bag that can hold everything while I'm dashing around the city. I used a linen fabric, and while it's not as structured as the first purse I made, I think I like this one better. It's softer, and I just like the proportions a lot more. I modified the pattern quite a bit, making the bag bigger and lengthening the straps. The buttery yellow lining is also a linen.

I decided to take this picture outside in order to take advantage of the lovely morning sun. Look who was impatient and dying to come out to see what I was doing...isn't he cute?



modernemotive said…
Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. :)

Awesome purse. I LOVE the punch of yellow on the inner. Seriously, love it.

And you have a handsome guy that too. Very cute.
la said…
love! do you think this pattern could me mini-ized to make a clutch? i have this ridiculous notion that i'm going to make clutches for each of my bridesmaids (all 10 of them...) and i've never sewed a thing in my life either!
jenelisebeth said…
Funny you mention that. After I finished that purse, I immediately began making a clutch with this modified pattern.

I'll let you know how it turns out. If I get it to work out (I'm about 90% done), I'll post pictures.

10 clutches? Yikes! Interested in hiring me? :)
la said…
exciting! please do let me know how it turns out. my mom's a sewing queen, so i've tricked her into helping me give it a whirl this weekend...the realist in my says, "how much do you charge?" ;)

my plan is to make each one in a different fabric that reflects each girl's personality, and i plan to get a friend with an embroidery machine to make a little monogram to go inside.

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