Featherwood Jewelry.

After our glorious breakfast on the day of the wedding, we had two options for our guests - they could either take a hike to the waterfalls with my soon-to-be husband, or they could ride along with me to the local craft school. Yes, that's right - there is a craft school down the street from our wedding site. How lucky, huh? I feel so fortunate that on our wedding day we were able to do these activities. It allowed us to really relax and enjoy all of our wedding guests. Wedding day + hiking + crafts + a good breakfast = happy people.

So, like I had anticipated, all of the men went on the hike and the women came with me to the craft gallery. The gallery is actually a part of the
school, where the students can display and sell their art. (And let me just say - I would give anything to live in Smithville. I would quit my job in a heartbeat in order to attend this school and take their classes. Check out their offerings here).

IMG_1942 copy 3
{entrance to the gallery, picture by me}

The gallery had all sorts of items for sale. Blown glass, pressed fired porcelain flower tiles (of which I bought two - they are gorgeous), lots of great handmade wooden toys for children, and more. As I was paying for the tiles, a pair of wooden earrings caught my eye.

{picture from
here - I never photographed my own pair that I bought, but they are almost identical to this...mine have lovely layers of teal and browns, with a shocking shot of magenta accent at the bottom}

The creator is
Buzz Coren, and the jewelry is part of his Featherwood Jewelry line. He describes his process: "I cut earrings from a large block of dyed and natural hardwood veneer about 275 layers thick. I personally dye most of the veneers myself and no two pairs are ever exactly alike." He also creates amazingly gorgeous starburst pins (picture below), as well as wooden vessels and vases.

{image from artist's website}

Don't you just love it? The colors, the patterns. It's all gorgeous. If you're interested, go here to see a list of stores that carry his work. Happy Friday!


Wow, what amazing work on those earrings!!
A said…
Your wedding was refreshing and beautiful. Any chance you're selling those centerpieces?

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