Another purse...and great weekend

This weekend involved great Mexican food, buying a lovely hanging plant for our screened-in porch, enjoying said hanging plant while we enjoyed cheese and wine in the evening, making blueberry cream scones (with this recipe), and sewing a purse. Of course, not in that particular order, but it was all wonderful. The weather was just right, and made for a perfect and semi-lazy weekend.



I made this purse for my sister, since she was so sweet to do our wedding cupcakes and my hair and makeup (more wedding pictures to come - my photographer is getting the CD to me this week!). I think this fabric is an Amy Butler print (aren't they all?). I love how it turned out. I had a teensy oops at the top where the handles connect to the body, but I don't think anyone will notice. It just makes it that much more special and handmade, right?


Lauranie said…
I love the pleats in this purse! The fabric makes this bag very appealing. BTW, your wedding dress is SOOO pretty.

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