Orange Bread


So, I woke up on Sunday with a weird, subtle ringing in my ear, and a headache. As the day progressed, it turned into a sensitivity to light and any quick turns of my head immediately made me feel dizzy. My husband suggested that maybe I was experiencing a migraine. Me? I've never had a migraine! Why would I start to get them now, at 28?

Needless to say, Sunday was almost a complete waste. I managed to dizzily go grocery shopping, and then all I could do was sit on our porch, in the sun, and watch my husband work in the yard.

Maybe it was the sun, or the passing of time, but either way, whatever it was was gone by late afternoon, which meant that I could actually get up and do something without feeling nauseous. Oh,the glory! That meant that I got to do what I was looking forward to all weekend: to make this bread. Maybe it was thoughts of the citrusy zest, butter, sugar, and cinnamon that made me feel more like myself. All I know is that the smell of this baking in my oven somehow, somehow, just made everything feel great*. If you need any sort of pick-me-up, I would prescribe this bread. Go visit Simply Recipes for the details and full recipe.

*Or maybe it's because today is the first day of March! Not officially the start of spring, but we're almost there!


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