one year anniversary!

Today marks our one-year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it. We celebrated this weekend and it was absolutely lovely. Late night romantic dinner on Saturday, brunch and jazz on was perfect. Turns out, I love being married.

Another milestone (for me) is that this marks my 201st post on my blog! (I somehow missed the big 200) what does that mean? That finally, after 200+ posts, I think I've finally discovered my true self, and that is as a baker. I tried for a long time to make this a design blog, a wedding blog (which it was, and served its purpose well), and a crafting blog (which it may still be that from time to time). I am finally ok with it not being all of those things, and instead to focus on my true passion - baking and cooking.

For the first time over the weekend, I completed my first bakery order. It was for a bridal shower, and I showed up with 3+ dozen mini cupcakes - half of them were chocolate cupcakes with two kinds of ganache (whipped AND poured) and topped with strawberries, and the other half were simple white cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting.

The night before, I really thought I was going to rip my hair out and/or go crazy, as the ganache wasn't doing what I wanted AND I had to make a mad dash to the grocery store for sugar (um, that was a first - I NEVER run out of sugar). But you know what? When I finally delivered them, set them up on my three-tiered cake stand, and stepped back, I was so incredibly proud of myself. I had managed to create something that not only tasted wonderful, but looked beautiful.

So here's to beautiful, beautiful milestones. And knowing exactly what you want to do in life. I'm still figuring it all out, but I feel like I'm one step closer.


congratulations! on the anniversary...figuring out your favorite passion...and everything. i wish someone would commission me to do some baking!
kendi said…
think, dream, do baking. I think the desk no longer suites you. It's soooo yesterday. Here's to getting OUT from behind the desk (as a vision at least). Hope you're surviving ok....been thinking of you and Melissa.
cjm said…
Happy anniversary! I'm happy you're including more about baking and cooking. I've been doing more of it myself lately and love finding new ideas.

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