Double duty strawberry jam


I never thought I'd be interested in jam and canning and whatnot, but somewhere along the way I became an adult, and relish the thought of preserving all of the good summer produce into something that I can enjoy year round. And when I say summer produce, I really just mean strawberries. I don't know if it's because I used to pick strawberries with my grandmother every summer and have very fond memories of that, but strawberries are my true (fruit) love. And right now they are in season. Go to the store and buy some now. Seriously. I stood in our kitchen last night, eating strawberry after strawberry, and didn't even notice that I had polished off the whole package. Eh, there are worse things to be gorging yourself on, right?

So my weekend plans involve, you guessed it, strawberries. Strawberry jam on Saturday, then a test run for that wedding cake commission on Sunday, using the strawberry jam mixed with a little buttercream as the filling. I. Can't. Wait.

Oh, and since I already pledged that this is a food blog ONLY, I'll only post a link to these adorable baby shoes that I also plan to make this weekend. A dear couple that we know just successfully adopted a baby boy, and I cannot think of a better reason to make these shoes. Loafers! Who knew.

What are your weekend plans?


Stephanie Sabbe said…
jen. you are getting so so good! If I still lived in memphis I would hire you for the next shower I throw!

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