I just signed up for the summer CSA with our local farm. I've never done this before, and until yesterday, I had no idea that one was so close to me. They even deliver to the Memphis Farmer's Market! I'm so so so excited. I love to cook and bake, and I think this will really help me move past my comfort zone, both with cooking techniques and with trying new foods.

It runs from May through August, and just a sampling of what I'll get is: strawberries, heirloom lettuces, swiss chard, kale, radishes, Asian greens, Italian chicories and endives, mint, oregano, English shelling peas, sugar snaps, and more...plus weekly gifts from the farm, including homemade jams, canned heirloom tomatoes, local honey, and baked goods!

To find your local CSA, go here.


fresh365 said…
I cannot wait for my CSA to start either! It's my favorite day of the week when I go pick up my vegis since ach week is a new suprise. That is really great you get jams, etc. How fun!

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