Grilled Romaine

simply salads

I don’t know about you, but my weekend was fantabulous. The weather here in Memphis was absolutely wonderful (but anything is wonderful when compared to the single digits we’ve had recently). I walked to yoga class on Saturday, the house got cleaned to Janis Joplin’s Pearl, and we topped the warmish weekend off by having flat iron steak and a grilled romaine salad. Some muffins were baked during the weekend, along with some cookies I made last Friday that are still hanging around the kitchen, but those just seem insignificant when compared to our steak and salad.

Can I tell you about this salad? Grilled romaine salad with homemade green goddess dressing, mandarin oranges, and toasted almonds. There. I said it. With my husband’s teriyaki-marinated flat iron steak, it was amazing. We cook quite a lot, and there are only a handful of meals that I store in my memory as “I want to repeat this ASAP”. And this is one of them. I wanted to take a picture, but I wanted to eat it more, so sorry! No pic.

I used the book Simply Salads for the salad recipe (including the homemade dressing). The author, Jennifer Chandler, just happens to also be a Memphian, and by some sheer twist of luck (for us!) ended up giving a lunch presentation in tandem with a furniture manufacturer at our office about a year ago. We all received a signed copy of her book as a parting gift. It features about 100 recipes for salad, including meat, seafood, vegetable, and fruit-based salad, and is a wonderful inspiration for when the weather gets warmer (soon, I hope!), and all you want is a cool, refreshing salad. I highly recommend it.


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